HP : Sprout

Digital product design and definition.

Sprout is a computer platform from HP that promises to make it possible for everyday makers to unleash their creativity, and reimagine what they can do.

Based on research and strategy provided by IA collaborative the first incarnation of the Sprout platform set out to help users to go from thought to expression in an instant, by blending reality as a way to humanize technology and make it more tangible. Prior to the launch of the 1.0 design, HP once again sought out IA to leverage exploratory research and uncover user insights that would generate a long reaching vision for the future of the platform.

I had the great pleasure of leading this strategic design effort while working with a truly fantastic team.

Project : Background

For this project we observed lead users…

creative makers

…to uncover insights about the creative process, and we used these learnings to define new sets of tools and experiences that enable the Sprout platform to empower creators everywhere.

Our team provided strategic design guidance to HP by delivering 3 key components.

1. Developed an experience framework to inform current product decisions to improve the user experience.

2. Equipped HP with actionable tools to guide future design.

3. Developed new designs and articulated a breadth of concepts that provide direction for the future Sprout experience.

Due to the confidential nature of this work, specific examples from this project cannot be shown publicly.

Please contact me if you are interested in discussing this project in more detail.

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