James Merrell Architects

Following our collaboration with Workstead we were approached by another New York architecture firm with stunning residential work…

James Merrell Architects have been designing award-winning residential projects in the Hamptons since the late 1980s, and they were in need of a website to showcase their impressive body of projects. Along side the website, they needed a clear identity that reflected their voice.

Like any good relationship we started by listening. We shared a series of conversations to get to know one another, so that we could better understand who they were as a studio (and as individuals) well before pencil went to paper.

Design : Identity

We developed a modular identity that was reflective of their structures. It was designed to shift and change over time… 
to feel dynamic and alive like the homes they create.

Design : Website

The responsive website is a singular clean frame that provides a calm, but focused, view into their work. The overarching navigations follows a spacial approach itself. Up and down travels from location to location, while left and right traverses the vistas of each home.

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